• What is Pockit World?

    Pockit World is making mobile apps affordable and simple for small businesses. We're an iOS iPhone, iPad, HTML5, and Android app platform that brings the use of mobile apps to any business, event or interest of any type. Over one billion smartphone users operate on Apple and Android systems - your business can reach them all.

    Why use Pockit World?

    Traditionally the costs of developing a mobile app have been so high that most would not even consider it. Development costs, the scale of the project, the knowledge needed to design and scope something from scratch have made even simple mobile app quotes run into the tens of thousands of pounds. This left mobile in the realm of the super-brands. Pockit World makes it much more achievable to have an elegant, functional and very useful mobile app for any purpose.   

    How does Pockit World make it easy?

    If you were to write a document today you would use a Word Processing programme. You wouldn’t write the programme in order to write the document. Typically App’s are built from scratch by developers, hence the cost and length of time to build.

    Pockit World is liberating the development of mobile apps in the UK by using a system that creates Apps, quickly, smartly and using technology so you can have a look any time you want. Packed with functionality and integrations with global platforms the system is perfect for businesses looking to get to market with an app quickly and within a cost that would fit most budgets. So, we can build an App for your business in days not months. Therefore we charge far less. What is more, we don’t charge at all for changes, alterations, additions and edits. That’s all free. Can you imagine a development company doing that?

    Who can use Pockit World?

    Any business or person can use Pockit World to create an iPhone/iPad (iOS) or Android app. There are some limits but that is mostly down to activities that are indecent, illegal. Or both.

    How quickly can I have my app published?

    The whole process is really fast. It can be broken down into:

    Design - we are very good at this. Lets say 2 hours.

    Building - 2-3 days. Ideally 5 days as there will be back and forth and re-writes.

    Publishing - Android is approximately 1 day. Apple takes longer and it is 2-3 weeks

    Support and changes - they can be done instantly and published instantly

    What businesses are best for the use of a Pockit World App?

    If you have repeat custom, the ability to offer promotions, you are a well-respected brand or service, you want to stand out from the crowd, you want to make it easier for your customers to interact/buy from you, you want to add value to your event or service and finally – a big factor – you are the kind of business that will endeavour to make sure it works. Push notifications are a fabulous tool and create a reall buzz about your business.

    Remember, your customers are mobile - you should be too.

    Why would a restaurant use a Pockit World App?

    There are several reasons why a restaurant would benefit from a Pockit World App. The biggest is the use of Push Notifications. Your customers are carrying your app around with them and you can use Push Notifications to break the barrier between you and your customers to let them know of offers and promotions. Set up a loyalty scheme on your app to reward regular visitors. A free bottle of wine on your 5th visit? No problem. Add to that mobile food ordering, delivery, hosting menus, social media integration, contact details, directions, advertise your number and website, a reservations section – basic or integrate with Open Table reservations, advertise events, set up an enquiry tab for Group Bookings or Christmas Parties and even a "Fan Cam". Last, but not least, your staff will love our Tip Calculator!

    Why would an exhibition use a Pockit World App?

    A Pockit World App would be a major value-add to exhibition organisers. Firstly it would probably generate revenue. We won't teach you how to suck eggs but the App in itself would be a tremendous sponsorship opportunity. In addition we can feature all of your exhibitors and create the opportunity to have superior listings showing their details and products. Exhibitors could also subscribe to the App's QR Code functions to promote themselves and in return offer free gifts to guarantee premium footfall to their stand. We've got some nice ideas on QR Codes. On top of that there can be a full exhibitor directory, exhibition map, an "Around Us" feature to show hotels and restaurants, events tab to promote in-exhibit Workshops, Seminars and Shows, social media, galleries, Notes tab, Dictaphone function and enquiry forms. Finally, the messaging and Push Notification can help you reach everyone before, during and after the event.

    Why would a festival use a Pockit World App?

    A festival is a fantastic opportunity to have a Mobile App and an App is a great way to show the world that your festival is a great place to be. Glastonbury is one of the few to have made that step. As a festival you want to attract bands and fans to your event and you have a huge amount of information to give out. Downloaded free by all of your customers you can have your band line ups, YouTube, iTunes lists for headliners, Instagram, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, camping information, maps, messaging can alert of schedule changes, Geo-Push Notifications so you message just the festival site, Fan Cam interaction, essential information and even Sponsorships - camping shops and welly boot wholesalers!

    Why would a coffee shop use a Pockit World App?

    A coffee shop is a very good business type that could benefit greatly from the use of a app as its customer base matches the app perfectly. On most high streets there are more than one coffee shop or café to choose from so it would be a good investment to stand out from the crowd. Display your unique brand, menu, pictures, offer Digital Loyalty Schemes (you can still carry on with those 8 or 10 stamp cards for a free coffee of course!), send out Messages and Push Notifications on a wet Tuesday afternoon if your place is empty and it’s been a slow day. Geo-Push Notifications are new to Pockit World as well which means you could send a Message out to just a small area such as a mile radius.

    Why would a band use a Pockit World App?

    Pockit World is perfect. Fans would drive the use and the need to have an App for your band. Imagine how many people will want to download your app and carry you around with them? They can then share this with their friends and you will get more fans. Firstly, your whole iTunes catalogue can be displayed, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Publishing Exclusive App-Only photo or music material will be a sure-fire way to create an individual buzz about your work. Add to that the Events tab to advertise gigs, link to ticket websites, use Messaging and Push Notifications to alert people to releases, appearances, gigs, tickets and anything you want. Have fun with a Fan Wall, Fan Cam and Hall of Fame (Shame?). Finally, you can have a mobile shop in every fan's pocket for merchandise.

    Why would a shop use a Pockit World App?

    We have covered many benefits of the app above and we don't want to duplicate in this section too much so let’s go beyond the messaging, social media and loyalty scheme ideas. A shop depends on repeat business, advertising opening hours, showcasing new products and lines and promoting sales, discounts and other offers. An App is the perfect platform for this. In addition to that you can integrate with shopping platforms such a Volition, Shopify, Magneto, Big Commerce or our very own in-App shopping cart. Check out with PayPal or Google Checkout and begin a mobile app ordering business!

    Why would a PR or Marketing company use a Pockit World App?

    Well, you can’t. That’s not our rules its Apple’s. But of course your clients can! Overnight you can add another string to your bow and put “App Developer” on your range of services. We would be delighted to create an partnership scheme with you because nothing makes us happier than keeping out of trouble and developing apps for clients. Get in touch. Just make sure we get invited to your Christmas Party.

    More Questions?

    Please get in touch. We love nothing more than talking about your business and mobile apps.